दलितोद्धार का सही तरीका

अदालत ने दलितों को उत्पीड़न से बचाने के लिए जो तर्क दिए हैं वे बिल्कुल लचर हैं। उनमें कोई दम नहीं है। यह ठीक है कि उस कठोर और अंधे कानून के बावजूद दलितों पर अत्याचार बराबर जारी हैं लेकिन तथाकथित ऊंची जातियों पर फर्जी मुकदमे चलाने और ज्यादा अत्याचार करने से क्या सचमुच दलित-सेवा हो सकेगी ?

दलितोद्धार का सही तरीका
Supreme Court (File Image)

The Supreme Court reversed its decision. In March 2018, it gave such a decision, due to which the law on harassment of Scheduled Castes was slightly relaxed. Now it has been made rigid again. The basic law was that any person could arrest any man by accusing him of harassment of Scheduled Castes. He could have no prior bail. Only the court could grant him bail when the case went on. Thousands of innocent people had to face jail because of this provision. Previous experience has taught that in a year, 15000 such cases came to court, out of that 11-12 thousand were proved to be fake, that is, people motivated by the intention of personal jealousy or malice or any of their officers, a neighbor or a trader. A police report was written against the man so that he would rot in the jail.

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Taking note of this discrepancy, the Supreme Court last year arranged that if a complaint is made against someone, no FIR should be written against him without police investigation and if the complaint is against a government official, then the permission of the officer appointing that officer Do not write a police report against him. As soon as this decision was taken, the leaders of the Scheduled Castes staged sit-ins all over the country. The government panicked. He knelt down and made the law again as tough as before. Despite this, the Supreme Court has now stamped the same law in its new judgment, saying that the change in this law is the work of Parliament and not of the courts.

Here the question arises that when Parliament had imposed that law again, then what was the need to present this explanation to the court? The arguments given by the court to save Dalits from oppression are absolutely pathetic. They have no power. It is true that despite that harsh and blind law, atrocities on Dalits are going on evenly, but will the real service of Dalits be done by fake prosecution and more atrocities on the so-called upper castes? It is important that the cost of all the Dalit works should be raised as high as other works, their honor will automatically increase. Atrocities on them will stop. If the distance between manual labor and intellectual labor is reduced, then the upper caste people will also do Dalit work happily. This will also eliminate casteism. All the laws that are in place now make casteism stronger. How will an equal society be formed without breaking caste?

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